Myers Briggs training for Business

Why use the Myers-Briggs type indicator?

Because you invest initially and then you open the doors to a wide range of business related development:

– Team Building & Team Development

– Organisational Change

In times of change the MYERS BRIGGS type indicator can help teams understand and deal with the different emotional responses that the different personality types have to rapid change.

– Management & Leadership Development

For leaders and managers either individually, collectively or in teams. MYERS-BRIGGS is used to identify individual leadership styles and develop leadership ability through better self-awareness and awareness of others. Using the MBTI effectively can help build emotional intelligence which has been shown to correlate with leadership ability.

Effective managers can also use the MYERS-BRIGGS framework to engage staff throughout the performance management process. Using MBTI with management teams also enables a more cohesive, ‘Less Siloed’ approach. Make your working environment one where your people can unleash their creativity and raw talent is nurtured. This will result in them feeling valued and inspired, loving their job they will then be motivated to deliver great work.