Myers Briggs training for Individuals

One to one coaching using MBTI why MBTI?

Many people choose to use when they reach a critical decision point in their career and need some help defining a way forward. Some are experiencing a dissonance between how things are now and how they’d like them to be.

I can help you explore where you are now, what’s holding you back and hot to integrate long-lasting and positive changes into your life. When you have planned, made decisions and worked towards goals that reflect your goals, your values and needs, the potential for change is enormous.

You might come to a coach for all sorts of reasons, including:

– Finding a new job or career

– Increasing your self esteem, confidence and motivation

– Finding a new job or career

– Achieving greater career success/satisfaction

– Exploring what really matters to you in your life – restructuring your priorities

– Releasing your true potential – discovering your skills, talents and dreams

– Dealing with difficult or challenging people.

The MYERS-BRIGGS TYPE INDICATOR (MBTI) is a leading self development tool. Millions of people just like you have used MBTI for clarification on who they are. The first step in self development is finding out who you are and what makes you tick. MBTI will breakdown your personality traits and show them in a readable format.

An individual MBTI session to find out what your personality type includes the following:

– Brief introduction to MBTI and overview of the process via phone

– Online questionnaire

– 60-90 minute face-to-face MBTI session (alternatively via phone)

– Introduction to Type booklet