Myers Briggs training for Life Coaching

As well as corporate training I also offer life coaching using MBTI.

Through this process we identify preferences from MBTI and how they affect your personal relationships and in turn how this affects every area of your life.

We set personal goals and work towards archiving them.

It’s common for individuals to identify a work persona and a personal one, when in fact we are the same – it’s the circumstances and situations at home and work that are different, the way we deal with them is the same.

Working and personal relationships are the same we only react differently because of the depth of our feelings. Our emotions are the only difference in the way we react to individuals at home and in the work place.

With my life coaching you can choose the area of your life you want to work on and we look at how you can best achieve personal goals using your profile type and preferences.

“Whatever the circumstances of your life, the understanding of (personality) type can make your perceptions clearer, your judgements sounder, and your life closer to your heart’s desire.”

Isabel Myers – founder of MBTI

An individual MBTI and life coaching package includes the following:

– Brief introduction to MBTI and overview of the process via phone

– Online questionnaire

– 60-90 minute face-to-face MBTI session (alternatively via phone)

– Introduction to Type booklet

– Three one-hour coaching sessions.

This package allows you to find out what your type is and then you will explore in more depth your strengths and areas for development. You will then decide the areas you want to focus on and develop further.